Our Story

We firmly believe biscotti has played second to its other cookie counterparts for far too long. We decided to do something about it.

This company was born out of a love for baking, a passion for eating, a deep need for travel, and a desire to creatively express a fusion of all of these. 

This line of biscotti represents a collection of experiences that brings to the world of baked goods something that is desperately needed; cookies made with all natural, quality ingredients that offer an elevated taste and style to a familiar favorite.

This is biscotti done better. Prepare to be delighted.


After another trip abroad, Amber realized a seed of inspiration had been planted.  Following an obsessive biscotti baking streak, this seed sprouted into a game plan, and her "aha" moment turned in to a year of crafting the taste and look of what would become Darling Gourmet Biscotti.  As best friends, Amber and Andrea came together to realize their vision of creating a business that captures their passion and their values. Both ardent fans of food with a massive sweet tooth, they take what they eat seriously.

Creating a cookie company was not a stretch for anyone that knows them;  these two have spent a ridiculous amount of time at home and while traveling together organizing their routine around meals. Whether exploring the bakeries, cafes, and markets of every city they land or simply planning a business meeting, the question of what they are going to eat finds itself central to the organization of the day, and that includes dessert!

Accused on more than one occasion of being a "food snob", Amber believes in savoring every bite and refuses to waste an opportunity for a meaningful dessert experience by settling for something that does not truly satisfy with its quality and flavor.  Andrea approaches what she eats and what she feeds her family with the sames kind of discipline;  she buys organic, reads labels, and believes what she puts on the table for her husband and children is an important practice of healthy living and conscientious consumerism.

They have created a company with a philosophy of eat well, do good. Creating outstanding cookies with quality ingredients under a business structure that gives back is the simple foundation on which everything is built. 

While Andrea juggles the demands of being a business woman with being a wife and mother to four young children, and Amber relentlessly pushes forward the vision of this rapidly growing business, both balance the growing pains of entrepreneurship while delighting in the realization that their dream is coming true.