Our Purpose


We use organic flour, pure extracts, high quality Belgian chocolate, and believe quality ingredients make for a better tasting cookie.

Baked twice in the tradition of classic biscotti, these cookies offer a longer shelf life without compromising flavor integrity, and are baked in small batches to ensure freshness.

In case you're wondering, biscotti actually have less butter than a traditional cookie, which also contributes to its longer shelf life because of the lower fat content (but we believe if you are going to have a cookie, have a darn cookie and forget about the butter!)

Each cookie is handcut and mild variations in size and thickness do occur. This makes them special and each biscotti one of a kind! 



It's simple: Eat well, do good.  We aim to provide the most outstanding cookies anyone has ever tasted, create a business structure that gives back, and have a ton of fun while doing it!

Clean but interesting flavors, high quality ingredients, fun, modern, yet whimsical style, all while providing a deeply satisfying cookie eating experience. 

Isn't that what sitting down with a cookie should be like?!



We believe in giving back.  We are active in local community charities and donate to causes and events that we hold near and dear.  Do good, eat well, and spread the love....cookies and cheer, throughout the year!